Monday, 10 Dec 2018
Author: rover

More Software tech

      Smartphones. iPads. Dating apps. Computers and technology have become a fundamental part of modern life, whether talking about the workplace, education, research, government, business, or personal and social activities. From 2006 to 2011, the amount of digital data originated and shared throughout the world increased nine-fold. In 2015, that number quadrupled. These […]

Smart Farming and Technology

Precision agriculture or smart farming makes use of GPS services, machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, sensors and big data to optimise crop yields and reduce waste. The report examines the roles of the many suppliers in the value chain, including technology providers and farm equipment suppliers, as well as the programmes and […]

Advances in Airport Technology

        The traffic at airports today has become more complex because of the increased traffic on the ground and the growth of airport infrastructures. Taxiing is a critical phase in terms of efficiency and safety, and represents significant costs for airlines who allocate several hundred kilos of fuel to this phase alone. […]

Which is Best? Traction versus Hydraulic Lifts

Traction versus Hydraulic Lifts: Advantages and Disadvantages Which lift is best suited for your building? When installing a new Platform or passenger type lift there is so much to take into consideration, shapes, colours, half or full height mirrors, controls but we never look at what would be best suited to the building and be […]

Commercial Industrial Solar Energy

The Benefits of Commercial Solar Solar Energy for businesses can be a cost-effective, practical, and effective method of reducing energy costs and an organisation’s environmental footprint. The benefit of solar energy is justified purely on financial terms for most businesses, whilst for others, it may be a combination of financial, environmental, marketing and green credentials […]

New Software For cars

German Automakers to Give 5 Million Diesel Cars New Software Germany’s transport minister says the country’s automakers have committed to fit over 5 million diesel cars in the country with updated software to reduce harmful emissions and to finance incentives for drivers to trade in older models.   BERLIN (AP) — German automakers committed Wednesday […]

The Jaguar Motor Company

Jaguar Car Gap Insurance by 1950 the Mk7 featured the XK120 engine. It was the first saloon to be powered by the XK engine. To begin with, its production was stateside, due to the UK governments want of bringing in money from overseas to help the recovery of the British economy after the war. […]

Mercedes A-Class review

This is not a Mercedes A-Class. Rather, it is a Mercedes A-Class, but not as we know it. The smallest Merc has always been a lumpen little oddity, a mini-MPV big on practicality but short on desirability, but the new A approaches the small-posh-car-for-small-posh-families dilemma from an entirely different angle. Problem is, if, like Merc, you’re […]

Land Rover unveils

Land Rover unveils flagship Range Rover SV Autobiography Land Rover has unveiled a top-end, long-wheelbase Range Rover – the SV Autobiography – ahead of the Los Angeles motor show.  Equipped with just about every conceivable luxury, it will be available with a 339hp 4.4-litre V8 diesel engine, a 565hp 5.0-litre V8 petrol and as a P400e plug-in […]