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Smartphones. iPads. Dating apps. Computers and technology have become a fundamental part of modern life, whether talking about the workplace, education, research, government, business, or personal and social activities. From 2006 to 2011, the amount of digital data originated and shared throughout the world increased nine-fold. In 2015, that number quadrupled. These numbers represent the significant role of computer science and technology today and they’re continued importance for tomorrow.

Students who choose to study computer science have a wide range of options open to them, from developing creative features for social media platforms to building impressive parts for autonomous vehicles to designing remarkable 3D prints of artificial limbs. In this section, prospective computer science students can find information on the latest cutting edge technologies and the education and career opportunities that drive them.

Today, technology is all around us and constantly evolving. What was brand new last month, or even last week, can easily be replaced by something more innovative tomorrow. Each guide below explores some of the most significant cutting edge technologies and discusses how a degree in computer science – or a closely related discipline – can lead to an exciting career in a groundbreaking field.


From clothing to construction to medicine and even food, 3D printing is already shifting the way people design and produce products. Experts believe this innovative technology will continue to grow and improve. This guide explores how 3D printing has been used, where it’s expected to have continued impact, and how a CS degree can help technical and creative minds start a 3-dimensional career.


Whether you’re an aspiring developer or already working in the profession, Python is an ideal programming language to know. It’s an easy language to learn and it can also serve as the foundation for branching out into other languages. This guide explores the basics of Python and also offers several expert-selected resources – for beginners and the advanced – to get students started on becoming a successful Python programmer.

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